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What is RM-Source ?

RM-Source is an innovative, automated pre-editing tool that facilitates text content optimization.

It allows authors and content owners to easily and efficiently review content after being created in the tool of their choice.

What is pre-editing ?

Pre-editing is a content optimization process that improves text content quality before translation, publishing or distribution.

In addition to other benefits, it permits greater language consistency, reduces localization costs and improves MT system performance.

Benefits for translatable content

  • In MT systems: RM-Source will boost performance and quality and reduce human post-editing costs

  • In Human-translation: RM-Source will bring about direct savings by increasing the reusability of previous translations
  • Sample human translation project, one language

    Project word count Optimized words Savings per word Total savings
    897 93 $0.10 $9.30

    Sample human translation project, 24 languages

    Savings per language Number of languages Total savings
    $9.30 24 $223.20

    It also serves as an automated style guide to:

  • Simplify the work of authors and reduce content creation time

  • Ensure terminological and style consistency organization-wide

  • Reduce or avoid the need of creating and maintaining style guides and their associated costs
  • How does RM-Source achieve this?

    RM-Source allows current content to be compared directly with previously created content, or within the same source files.

    All suggested changes can be implemented or rejected at a single click.

    File formats supported

  • DOCX
  • HTML
  • MIF (FM)
  • TMX
  • RESX
  • TXT
  • RC
  • PO/POT
  • ...and more are being added all the time

    Source languages supported

    RM-Source currently supports

    • Western European languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Catalan, Basque...

    • Slavic and Cyrillic: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian...

    We are currently working to make RM-Source compatible with all languages, including Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

    RM-Source at work

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